married in a hurricane, honeymooned in the ER

Childhood Treasures

My folks have a few items they have saved for YEARS so that we (my sisters and I) could benefit from saving some money and for the sweetness of passing their childhood treasures on to us. Last month my husband and I went up into their attic and brought down a few items.
This is a thirty+ year old table that my sisters and I used when we were young. Because the stain is so worn and because my baby sister has carved her initials all over it đŸ™‚ we decided to give it a face lift. (click on photos to enlarge)

This chair was my father’s when he was a young. It’s amazing that it looks this good after 60 years!

Bella really enjoys the chair!

So does her brother Bonito!

Thank you Mom and Dad for saving these treasures for Baby Bella to enjoy!
[please click on the Picasa link on the right to see NEW photos from Feb and March]


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