married in a hurricane, honeymooned in the ER

Time Out

We have started ‘implementing’ Time Out with Bella. They say one minute for every year of their age is the appropriate time length. By the third time she was placed on the time out mat she stayed there the entire 60 seconds. Every now and then she gets her hand slapped but I would prefer to use Time Out if it is effective. After each time out, I pick her up, tell her I love her, and explain why she was placed in time out.

So last night Bella and I were in the bathroom cleaning up after bath time. She likes to play with the toilet paper holder. (toilet paper roll has been placed up high because she likes to teepee the house) 🙂 Well last night she was hanging from the holder like a monkey and I could hear it start to pull away from the wall. I holler NO and give her hand a slap, and then escort her out of the bathroom. Well she escorted herself over to the time out mat and sat down. I didn’t know whether to pick her up and hug her or leave her there for a minute. So, I left her there. Hey, she volunteered, right? Anyway it was sooo cute but it is also nice to see she is beginning to recognize right and wrong and the consequences of each.


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