married in a hurricane, honeymooned in the ER

Bella’s Achievments

Bella, if you never accomplished a single thing, we’d be proud of you for simply being our daughter!

However, here’s what you have achieved so far:

7 days: latched with help of shield
3 Weeks: started holding your head up during Tummy Time
4 Weeks: started cooing (the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard)
6 Weeks: you laughed!; started sleeping 2:30a-6:30a consistently
7 Weeks: graduated from the shield; started using your legs to stand for a few seconds at a time
8 Weeks: started blowing bubbles; sleeping from 1:30a-6:30a
9 Weeks: sleeping from 11:30pm-7:30am, woohoo!
11 Weeks: cooing in sentences
12 Weeks: figured out you have hands 🙂
13 Weeks: sleeping from 8:30pm-6:30am (we are truly blessed!); can hold your head up at 90 degree angle; your feet have meet and they enjoy hanging out together; you are ‘talking’ a lot! full on conversations with me. we just talk and talk and I love it!


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