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Baby Osorio

Summer is here

As a stay at home Mom it’s a challenge to find ways to entertain a toddler, especially now that it’s getting so hot. I decided to host a back yard baby pool party and we had SO MUCH fun! I seem to have quite the little explorer on my hands. While most of the kiddos are playing in the pool on or our climber, Bella is on the outskirts of the yard picking up leaves, pine needles and acorns, completely oblivious to the fact that there are 15 people in her back yard. 🙂

Bella had her first fla-vor-ice popsicle. She loves em!

More pictures on Picasa. Link on the right.


Easter 2011

We had a very nice Easter with family and friends. My SAHMommy friend, Amber, had a easter egg hunt play date. Bella and I had so much fun! This was her first egg hunt and it took a little while to get the idea of it. She likes to empty the basket. 🙂 *click here for video* We also had a nice dinner Easter Sunday over at my folks house. Bella looked so pretty in her Easter dress!
The Easter Bunny brought Bella a new bunny friend. Thanks Easter Bunny!

Time Out

We have started ‘implementing’ Time Out with Bella. They say one minute for every year of their age is the appropriate time length. By the third time she was placed on the time out mat she stayed there the entire 60 seconds. Every now and then she gets her hand slapped but I would prefer to use Time Out if it is effective. After each time out, I pick her up, tell her I love her, and explain why she was placed in time out.

So last night Bella and I were in the bathroom cleaning up after bath time. She likes to play with the toilet paper holder. (toilet paper roll has been placed up high because she likes to teepee the house) 🙂 Well last night she was hanging from the holder like a monkey and I could hear it start to pull away from the wall. I holler NO and give her hand a slap, and then escort her out of the bathroom. Well she escorted herself over to the time out mat and sat down. I didn’t know whether to pick her up and hug her or leave her there for a minute. So, I left her there. Hey, she volunteered, right? Anyway it was sooo cute but it is also nice to see she is beginning to recognize right and wrong and the consequences of each.

Random Cuteness

Here are some random pics of Bella I hope you will enjoy! (click on each photo to enlarge)

Bella's new wheels

Childhood Treasures

My folks have a few items they have saved for YEARS so that we (my sisters and I) could benefit from saving some money and for the sweetness of passing their childhood treasures on to us. Last month my husband and I went up into their attic and brought down a few items.
This is a thirty+ year old table that my sisters and I used when we were young. Because the stain is so worn and because my baby sister has carved her initials all over it 🙂 we decided to give it a face lift. (click on photos to enlarge)

This chair was my father’s when he was a young. It’s amazing that it looks this good after 60 years!

Bella really enjoys the chair!

So does her brother Bonito!

Thank you Mom and Dad for saving these treasures for Baby Bella to enjoy!
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13 Months

February was a fun month with Bella. She constantly shows us she is learning and growing mentally and physically which is so amazing to watch. We continue to practice Baby Signs with her and she now signs Milk, Bath, Food, and Please. Well, turns out Please was just a one handed Bath but we’ll get there. 🙂 She also showed us her coordination is getting better by showing us she can kick a soccer ball. She can even dribble. [Soccer Video] Woohoo Bella! I’m so proud of you!
[click photos to enlarge]

my beautiful girl

Here is a video of Bella walking and chattering. She is saying DaDaDaDa through out the video and when I ask her to say MaMa the music on her toy plays a sad melody, as if it’s mocking me. 🙂 [chatter video] Please check Picasa for TONS more pics!

Happy Birthday Bella!!

Bella turned ONE on 1/30/11! I can’t believe what a year it’s been. I am living a dream, spending my days with the greatest girl in the world, my little gift from God, Bella Marie!
We celebrated with two birthday parties. On the 28th, we had a Handy Many party with Bella’s playdate friends. We’ve had the honor of meeting some great Moms and babes through an area mommy group. We invited them over and the babies played and the mommies chatted. I found a recipe for egg-free cupcakes and I found an idea for cute decorations and I am so pleased with the results.

On the 30th, we had a party with both Oscar and my families. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

It was hilarious to watch Bella with her first cupcake. At first she just looked at it. Then she took a whole fist of icing and then just picked up the entire cupcake and took a bite. She was so funny!

I think she had a great weekend! Here is a great photo my Mom took to leave you with. My beautiful brown eyed girl.