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Happy Birthday Bella!!

Bella turned ONE on 1/30/11! I can’t believe what a year it’s been. I am living a dream, spending my days with the greatest girl in the world, my little gift from God, Bella Marie!
We celebrated with two birthday parties. On the 28th, we had a Handy Many party with Bella’s playdate friends. We’ve had the honor of meeting some great Moms and babes through an area mommy group. We invited them over and the babies played and the mommies chatted. I found a recipe for egg-free cupcakes and I found an idea for cute decorations and I am so pleased with the results.

On the 30th, we had a party with both Oscar and my families. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

It was hilarious to watch Bella with her first cupcake. At first she just looked at it. Then she took a whole fist of icing and then just picked up the entire cupcake and took a bite. She was so funny!

I think she had a great weekend! Here is a great photo my Mom took to leave you with. My beautiful brown eyed girl.


11 Months Highlights

For months I have been practicing baby signs with Bella and at 11 months old Bella made the “milk” sign. We made a big deal about it and she got real excited. 🙂 CLICK HERE for a video of her signing .
For almost her entire 11th month Bella was very attached to her Papa. Sometimes he was the only one that could get her to sleep at night. It was very sweet to see them so lovey with each other. I love my husband!
Favorite songs: Twinkle, Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Her fine motor skills are coming along. She clapped for the first time and can direct a ball into a circle hole. CLICK HERE to see video.
A friend is letting us borrow the first DVD of Your Baby Can Read and Bella has started repeating what they are doing on the show. Clap, Arms Up, Wave. It’s awesome to see her understanding what she’s hearing.

10 Months Highlights

In December Bella gained strength and confidence in walking. She started the month walking 8-9 steps at a time and before the month was up she was walking all over the house.

We had her photo taken with Santa and to my surprise she was a pro, no tears. She just looked at him and his incredibly long beard with curious wonder.

On 12/5 Bella got her first tooth! Woohoo!

On 12/14 Bella made the connection with waving as a form of communication. I was in the kitchen and she was in the living room and we waved back and forth to each other for 2-3 minutes. It was so cute!!

Bella and I go to the park as much as possible and when I let her walk around she LOVES to pick up leaves. She walks around with one leaf in each hand, only dropping one to pick up another. My little outdoorsy girl. 🙂

It was so much fun to have Bella with us at Christmas. I love getting together with immediate and extended family at Christmas and Bella’s smile and laugh made it even better.

On 12/31 Bella had her first ride on a Carousel. I think she enjoyed it. She didn’t cry but she didn’t get too excited either. I think she just loves to soak it all in. 🙂

9 Month Hightlights

9 Months Old

I wanted to share Bella’s highlights from her nineth month, November. It was a big month! A few days after Bella turned 9 months old she had her first “falling walk”. Meaning I let go of her hands while I was waling her and she took a couple of steps on her own before loosing balance and falling down.

On 11/11 Bella would be holding on to me one minute then next thing I know she has let go and she is still standing, all by herself. Our big strong girl.

Random side note: Bella and I have such great laughs over breakfast. I love her so much!

On 11/25 Thanksgiving Day, Bella took her first steps!!! Letting go of what she’s holding on to and taking steps all by herself! Way to go Bella!

On 11/26 I saw her first teeth “buds”. Two little teeth just below the surface of her gums. Soon we will have our first tooth. 🙂

More Wonderment!

Muuuuuhhhahahahaha! I did it! I did it! I haven’t crocheted in nine years but I guess it’s like riding a bike. This was so much fun!!! (mostly because it was a challenge and everyone knows I LOVE a challenge!) It took three tries on the hat to get it the right size and the flower took FOREVER because I had to keep counting stitches because I lost my concentration. That’s what you get when you try to crochet while watching t.v. 🙂 SO FUN!

[this was an old post I had saved in drafts. Since this draft, I have made several hats and actually sell them. You can see my work on]


I am so sorry that I dropped off the map. I didn’t realize till now exactly how long it had been since my last post. I am going to do my best to hit the highlights and catch things back up to present time. We have the one year milestone to celebrate!

Pumpkin Patch

It happens every spring with the the bluebonnets and every fall with the pumpkins, parents take their precious little ones outside, dressed in their cutest clothes, and take photos. Then they post those photos for all their friends and family to ogle over. This fall, we joined in and I can’t figure out if we did it to keep up with the Jones’ or because the Jones’ had a darn good idea. 🙂 Either way, here are our pumpkin photos for your ogling enjoyment. 🙂